5 Useful PC Software to Download in 2018 – Increase Your Productivity

A computer without software is just like a man without a soul. Computers can serve you the basic need but if you want to fulfill those needs, certainly you’ll require the software to explore the awesomeness. Think about your brand-new computer without a media player, a browser (the pre-installed Windows browser often doesn’t live up to your expectations), an antivirus and important documentation software like MS Office! Sounds miserable, right?

Above was just an example. Mostly everyone has their computer installed with all of those but what they lack is the knowledge of the latest inventions in the market. We all purchase the PCs with the best hardware configuration but often forget that the best hardware is useless without the best software. So, we need to maintain a balance between the hardware and software. Below is the list of the best software to download in 2018 for increasing the productivity of your PC.

Top Software to Download in 2018

Most of the software are easy to download from the internet without any cost. Various third-party platforms like Softonic may be worthy to consider. But be cautious before downloading, since most of these sites are comprised of malware problems.

BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition

BitDefender always appears on the list every time we talk about free antivirus software. BitDefender’s free edition works on defending your PC from the critical viruses and malware (even the ransomware) and provides you a safe journey on your PC. You can totally rely on the software to detect and eliminate any and every threat to your computer.

WPS Office – Free Office Software

Forget the hassle of purchasing MS Office and install it on your PC because WPS Office can be a worthy replacement for MS Office comprising every feature that MS Office has. WPS Office is an awesome office-suit with a great interface that contains word processing, Presentations, and spreadsheets. It’s loaded with alluring templates, MS Office file formats and elements just like the latest MS Office.

TunnelBear – Free VPN

Make your online identity superiorly secure with TunnelBear, one of the most reliable free VPN you can get from the internet. You can access the blocked content in your area by availing this free VPN service. Re-rout your online activity just by flicking the switch and selecting an international proxy. So, there’s no need of spending money behind any paid VPN.

GIMP – Free Image Editor

Now, you don’t have to purchase Photoshop to avail smart tools like healing brush, clone stamp, smart selections, transformations for editing images. Since most of the Photoshop features can be found on GIMP, you don’t need to spend money to become creative. Moreover, the frequent updates of GIMP allow the software to be up-to-the-minute.

Chrome – Free Web Browser

The war between the browser was over from the day Google Chrome came into existence. The cross-platform support, stability, and flexibility of the free web browser have made people fall in love with this particular web browser. Firefox has also garnered a few eyeballs but that is nothing compared to the firing popularity of Google Chrome. Yes, your Windows OS comes with inbuilt browser but that doesn’t seem to be useful.

5 Useful PC Software to Download in 2018 - Increase Your Productivity

That was the top 5 software you can download on your PC for free. These useful tools come with various advantages which are quite similar to the paid alternatives to them. That’s why people are eager to download them from various downloadable sites. But as I’ve mentioned earlier, take enough precautions before downloading any software from those sites. Get detailed information about the malicious sites on Layerpoint.